Travel Grants & Poster Price

Travel Grants

The two travel grants sponsored by Kistler were attributed to:

  • J. Rebula, University of Michigan, USA
    (Talk: Embedded dynamic walking models for control of complex 3D bipeds)
  • J.Y. Jun, Florida State University, USA
    (Poster: Design of optimal curved legs using reduced-order models)

The two travel grants sponsored by Qualisys were attributed to:

  • J. Matthis, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
    (Poster: A Dynamic walking approach to the visual control of foot placement) 
  • J.M. Caputo, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
    (Poster: Externally powered and controlled ankle-foot prosthesis) 

The travel grant sponsored by Tetra was attributed to:

  • B. Wiggin, N.C. State University, USA
    (Hardware Demo: A Passive Elastic Exoskeleton Using Controlled Energy Storage and Release to Reduce the Metabolic Cost of Walking) 


Poster Price

The poster price, sponsored by Tetra, was attributed to

C. Hubicki, J. Hurst
Optimization-Inspired Control Policies for Analytically and Computationally Intractable Systems