Videos of the meeting


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A. Seyfarth and K. Mombaur: Welcome words

Tandem Talk I

A. Ruina and J. Lingeman: Learning to Walk  

Session I - Gait analysis

Session II - Feedback control

Session III - Legged robots I



Tandem Talk II

 T. Sugar and G. Sawicki: Bio-inspired Wearable Robots: Compliant Actuation, Muscle-Tendon Physiology and the Interaction at the Human Interface

Session IV - Prostheses/Orthoses and Gait Optimization



Tutorial II

 T. van den Bogert: Musculoskeletal model for simulation of walking



Session V - Legged robots II

Session VI - Translating gait data to biomechanical models

Closing talk

R. Blickhan: Exploring biomechanics to facilitate control