Contributions for oral or poster presentation

To enhance the interactions at this meeting, the presentations will have an extended discussion. For both parts an equal amount of time is scheduled (15 min presentation +15 min discussion). To participate it is necessary to submit a short description of your contribution (see below), including the mention of the preferred format of presentation.

As the number of conference attendees is restricted (approx. 100) it may occur that not all applications can be accepted or given their preferred format of presentation. For students, it is possible to apply for a travel grant together with the contribution submission.

Contributions for hardware demonstration

In a later phase, it will be possible to submit contributions for the hardware demonstration session. This will include the demonstration of the robot/hardware itself and the possibility to display a poster to support the demonstration.

How to submit a contribution ?

Oral or poster presentation (CLOSED)

Both aspects, presentation and discussion, should be described as part of the submission. We suggest the authors to formulate central research questions and to presents potential approaches to solve them (both common and own solutions). For a stimulating discussion, we encourage the attendees to compare existing approaches and to come up with new ideas and questions for further research.

A submission (max. 2 pages plain text) should include the following points:

  1. Title (it can be preliminary)
  2. Motivation: describe topic and explain why it is important
  3. State of the Art: approaches of other researchers - what is known
  4. Own approach to this question: your contribution or proposal
  5. Discussion outline: key questions and potential solutions
  6. Format: your preferred kind of presentation (talk or poster) 
  7. Keywords (max. 3)

Please include references, if appropriate. Student can also apply for travel grant (by mentioning it in the submission).

Please send your submission to this address, before February 28, 2011. The submission will be used only for the evaluation of the contribution. After the review process, it will be possible to submit an abstract for the conference proceedings

Hardware demonstration (CLOSED)

We encourage the participants to contribute to the hardware demonstration. The submission period for these contributions is now open. Please use for your submission the template provided hereunder for extended abstracts (if accepted, it will be added to the abstract in this form). In your submission email, please specify which requirements are needed to present the hardware (e.g. power supply, tables etc.).

Please send your submission to this address before May 1, 2011

Please mention in the title: [HW DEMO SUBMISSION]

Submission of extended abstract: Authors of accepted contributions at the Dynamic Walking Meeting 2011 are encouraged to submit an extended abstract for the conference proceedings. The abstracts should be prepared according to the following guidelines:

Instructions for the authors: instruction.pdf

Compressed archive of template: DW2011abstract.tgz

Please submit your abstracts until May 1, 2011